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Sober Routines: Positive Structure VS Unhealthy Monotony

By Michael A Tree House Staff

In early recovery, it is always recommended to find a routine. Whether that’s going to AA meetings, working out on a schedule, or going to school or work, bringing a foundation of structure back into your life is important. I want to challenge this idea of routine. A foundational structure to have some normality and consistently to life is important. However, doing the same routine, week after week, will lead to boredom and ultimately a desire to drastically change everything impulsively.

The key to being successful in sobriety is living a sustainable lifestyle of health, wellness, and happiness. This is not achieved through monotony. This is achieved through living an exciting, joy filled, sober lifestyle. The best way of achieving this is by switching up your routine often. To be clear, this does not mean finding a new job every few months, this means finding new hobbies, new adventures, and trying out new things. For example, let’s talk about the physical routine. For a while it’s fun to join a new gym, like kickboxing. Eventually this may start to feel like a chore, at that point, try out a new physical activity, such as running, or crossfit. Not only is this amazing for the brain and the body, this is so refreshing for mental health and motivation. Try hiking for a few months, then try out road trips. Try music, then try photography. If you find a passion that you love and want to stick to, do it as well. Switching up your workout / hobby days help as well. Being too strict on your schedule may set you up for failure. If you miss one day, its all thrown off. If you have an open schedule that requires 3 workouts a week, any days, it’s much easier to achieve with less pressure, and less potential of shame for missing a day.

Freedom from addiction means that you can now live life to the fullest. To achieve this and to stay excited, it is essential to try new things. This is refreshing for the mind, body, and spirit, and its easy. You can literally start right now. Try a new hobby, start running, switch gyms, go on an adventure. Do something new, and love the life that you get to create.

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