Sleep Hygiene In Recovery: Early Birds Get The Worm

Sleep Hygiene In Recovery: Early Birds Get The Worm

Addiction doesn’t often come with a schedule, in the beginning. Once the body and the brain become severely chemically dependent on drugs or alcohol, men who are addicted can count on certain timing. There is time between using drugs and feeling high, a time period for how long the high will last, the anticipatory time period that the high is going to wear off and more drugs are needed,  and the time period in which symptoms of withdrawal start to take effect. Then, there is the time period of emergency when withdrawal symptoms are in full effect which directly inspires the frantic time period of searching for more drugs, followed by the time period of obtaining drugs, until the time period when drugs are in the system once more. After that, the schedule restarts.

Living this way is routine, in some ways. Jumping from one stage of addiction to the next is largely chaotic, though it serves a purpose: to avoid withdrawal. The lack of structure and authentic purpose perpetuates the cycle of addiction because men have few other reasons to wake up in the morning and go about their day. While it is true some men can live with the delusion of “high functioning” addiction by filling their day with normal responsibilities and activities, many addicted men do not.

Structure and routine are emphasized as critical components of a recovery lifestyle. Men who come to treatment at Tree House Recovery learn how to adhere to a schedule, starting with an early morning wake up. Of course, waking up early is not a favorite among men in the early stages of recovery who are still experiencing acute symptoms of withdrawal, which can include depression. Research has found that waking up earlier reduces the likelihood of experiencing depression. Getting an early start to the day with structure and routine keeps the brain busy, stimulated, and focused. Morning workouts, nutritious breakfasts, and other health-oriented activities beat out laying in bed, sleeping in, or spending hours scrolling through social media platforms.

From the mountains to the coastline, the possibilities of living a life without limits are endless. At Tree House Recovery in Orange County, California, we’re helping men recover their lives from addiction through innovative treatment designed to transform their lives inside and out. For information, call to speak with one of our graduates: (855) 202-2138

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