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Skin Care Is Self-Care:

Men’s skin care is becoming a thing. Men have long been disenfranchised when it comes to quality skin care products to help them keep their face as lively as the lives that they are living. The days of tough, dry, cracked, manly rugged skin are falling behind us. Today, the modern man is concerned with taking care of his face and it is becoming part of his self-care routine. Self-care is a critical component of a man’s recovery, when he is actively recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. While it is possible that he took great care of his skin during his active addiction, it is more likely that skin care took little priority over intoxication. Self-care is a personalized regimen men develop that helps them take care of their mind, body, and spirit in the way that nourishes them, personally. Skin care may not seem like it would be one of those self-care things. Turns out being scrubbed, cleansed, and moisturized- with conditioned beard hair to boot- isn’t the worst.

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is ‘individualized’ for a reason. Individualized treatment means the peculiarities and particulars of who a man is and what makes him who he is. Trial, error, and research has found that the individualized approach to treatment works because of the way that it provides detailed care catered to each person’s needs. Over time treatment providers found that generalized treatment programs weren’t working for everyone.

Likewise, the secret to good skin care is creating an individualized plan catered to the needs of your skin. Skin tends to be either dry, oily, or a combination of both, with nuances in each level. Not everyone will need a daily exfoliating scrub, for example, or will benefit from products geared toward acne prone skin.

Just like with addiction treatment,  despite the need for individualized care there are some ‘evidence-based’ practices which seem to work for everyone. For example:

  • Wash your face when you wake up and before you go to sleep
  • Exfoliate intermittently to remove old layers of skin
  • Use a shaving cream instead of shaving dry
  • Lip skin is still skin and needs care- try using lip balm
  • Moisturize in the morning as well as the evening
  • When spending extended amounts of time in the sun, use sunscreen — then wash it off at night

Recovery is head to toe. Treatment should help men recover their physical and mental health. Tree House Recovery is a men’s treatment program offering evidence-based programming for total recovery. Call us today for information on our outdoors inspired, adventure-oriented treatment in Orange County, California: (855) 202-2138

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