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Set Up for Success: 5 Ways to Start the Day Right

By Michael A Tree House Staff

It’s easy to wake up, roll over, check our phones, and start the day by running around. This ambitious spirit to just get up and go may seem like the right way to amp yourself up for the day. We can all relate to this routine. But, have you ever tried switching up your routine? Have you ever tried letting your own thoughts form first, creating the standard of thinking and positivity you want in each day? If not, here’s a guide to help kick start your day, making it a happy, colorful one where you’re in control of your emotions.

These are the tips i’ve used and learned from many others. I’d recommend creating your own ritual, of course. Make sure you set the goal every morning to get your mind right.

    • 1. DO NOT CHECK SOCIAL MEDIA: This is crucial. Don’t start the day viewing how other people portray their lives. This can create weird thoughts about others first thing in the morning, when you should be thinking about your own life. You are worth more than that.


    • 2. DREAM JOURNAL/JOURNAL: Yes, a dream journal will help you remember more of your dreams, but it does so much more. Writing in the morning creates a strong sense of self awareness. By writing down your dreams you are forcing your mind to look internally. This morning ritual starts your day off with a feeling of self mastery. Writing about dreams makes you think about the meaning, which creates deeper thinking and therefore gets your brain functioning at a higher level. Try this out, and you’ll feel the benefits immediately. If you can’t remember your dream, try writing about how you feel that morning.


    • 3. BREATH WORK: Sit up slowly and take some deep breaths in. This will naturally energize your body through breath, and begin to regulate your mood. Find a breathing technique that works for you.


    • 4. HYDRATE: If you are anything like me, the first thing I crave in the morning is a beverage, and I usually reach for coffee. However, the benefits of a half liter of water in the morning before anything else are incredible. By drinking water first thing in the morning you will flush your organs and lubricate your joints. According to The Health Flash you will also be renewing cells, increasing mental acuity, rid the potential of head aches for the day, and more.


  • 5. THINK ABOUT YOUR DAY: This part of the process can change the entirety of your day. The goal of this thinking is to begin to master your emotions for the day. Thinking about what’s ahead for the day. HOWEVER, do not dwell on the day, start the positive thinking in the morning and it will continue. This powerful trick, if done right, will greatly increase your confidence for the day. Imagine any task you have, and create the feeling of confidence. Picture yourself finishing each task the best way possible. This thought experiment does wonders for mental well being, and gets the mind to start automatically thinking with positive reactions throughout the rest of the day. You have now set the standard for your brain, teaching it how to respond. The more you practice, the easier and better it will feel.

These 5 tips to kick start your morning will enhance your daily life. By practicing these, you will be on the path to self mastery. Being fully in control of how you respond to life, rather than react, is the first step. This routine is just the beginning. Use this as a tool to be the greatest you you can be, and build on to it. After trying this you will feel the benefits, and I hope it will encourage you to do more research to find new routines. The power of being in control of your emotions will put you a step above a lot of people you interact with, and give you an advantage in life. Enjoy!

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