Relapse Prevention: Learning From Planet Earth

Relapse Prevention: Learning From Planet Earth

Earth is split into two hemispheres. In alternating seasons, Earth turns into summer time. Lush, green, and thriving, the half of the world experiencing summer is warm, vivacious, and full of life.  Soon, however, the earth transitions into fall, then into winter, before it can transition into spring. Many view the seasons of earth as a death and birth process in which the planet gladly, if not involuntarily, participates. Metaphors are created to talk about how summer is life and winter is death, contrasting the seasons against one another without any kind of shame or guilt. Even though in the winter all is barren and cold, there is nothing held against Earth for changing seasons. Earth is not shamed for its regression to winter, because it is seen as a progression through the natural ebb and flow of life. Without shame and guilt, Earth feels no insecurities about its changes. Earth sees no problem in changing from fall to winter. When spring comes again, there is no programming for Earth which tells it that it does not deserve to become bountiful once more. Though a winter season may prevail for many months eventually the spring does become victorious. Little concern is given to these changes. The Earth never sabotages its chance at springtime to stay in a state of winter, because it thinks it deserves to.

Recovery is full of seasons, as is life. Men in recovery learn to embrace and accept the seasons of change in life, as the changing seasons of the planet. There is no room for guilt or shame or toxic ways of thinking which inspire men to stay in a state of suffering in order to avoid a state of prosperous growth. Changes are natural. Men learn to adapt to changes and welcome all experiences of life. Only when something sickens a man’s mind does he start to change the way he thinks and put himself at risk for relapse. The key is discerning the difference between a season of change and a wrong way of thinking.

If the Earth changes out of season, others start to worry. Scientists and researchers investigate these out of place changes with great ambition. Something that makes the earth “sick” must be cured because when the Earth is sick it is not able to maintain its normal functions or cycles. When a man starts changing out of season with his life, the same efforts need to be made, instead of viewing what is not natural as natural.

Men have a wealth of lessons to learn from planet Earth. At Tree House Recovery in Orange County, California, men are engaged with the Earth through nature based experiential therapy. Our prime location in Southern California connects us with some of the country’s most beautiful nature. For information on our addiction treatment programs for men, call (855) 202-2138

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