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Redefining Our Best Moments

You’ll hear a lot of catch phrases, mantras, slogans, and flat out cliches in recovery. One of the more well rehearsed sentiments is the idea that your worst day sober is still a million times better than your best day during addiction. In the early phases of recovery, this is a difficult concept to grasp. Though addiction undoubtedly provides many a dark, miserable day, for many people there were days of using which were nothing short of fun, amazing, memorable, life changing moments. Still, however, it has to be recognized that those golden moments, some of those good old days, involved intoxication and that intoxication, eventually, led to the full throttle addiction which brought on all of those dark, miserable days into existence.

Sobriety isn’t “rainbows and butterflies” all the time. Feeling feelings, living life on life’s terms, and being completely without any chemical adjustment to cope with it is an incredible challenge to take on. Men who live lives of recovery are absolute champions, fighting their way through the tasks of life in a way most people don’t, even without having lived through addiction.

The journey begins when men ask for help and choose to enter treatment. Throughout the treatment experience, men are given opportunities to define new best moments in their recovery. For the first time, possibly ever, men can see the glimmer of a brighter future and clearly outline the steps they want to take to accomplish it. As men grow in confidence, they grow in their belief that the future they envision is possible for them.

Every moment of treatment is a new memory and experience. Despite the difficulty and the struggle which is inherent in the process, there are exceptionally joyous moments. It is the experience as a whole which stands out as one of the better times in life. Recovery is no small choice and treatment is not insignificant. When it comes to recovery, the best isn’t yet to come- it’s already arrived.


Tree House Recovery of Orange County, California is a premier men’s addiction treatment facility that uses eight different modalities to help our men become the best versions of themselves they can be. We teach our men that every day of their journey is something to celebrate, and that recovery isn’t a sprint– it’s a marathon. By showing our men how to celebrate each day’s victories, we show them that self love isn’t about what we have or haven’t done. It’s about getting a little closer to where we want to be. To get started with Tree House Recovery, call us today at (855) 202-2138.

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