Working With family: Different Ways to Recover and Heal With Family Participation

Using Family Participation For Addiction Recovery

Addiction is said to be a family issue. When a loved one in the family becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol, everyone in the family is affected. Some family members become enablers and encourage the addiction to continue. Other family members become shut down and distant, creating tension. Generations of family dysfunction, personal patterns of behavior, and unstable family dynamics can all play a part in a loved one’s addiction. Thankfully, just as a loved one can recover, the family can recover as well by participating in family therapy.

Family therapy can take a few forms. First and foremost, the family will be invited to the treatment center or to do sessions through a phone or internet connection if travel isn’t possible. Therapists may hold regular family therapy sessions or offer just one or two depending on the peculiarities of the program. However, many treatment professionals understand today that family therapy is necessary for healing the home someone who is recovering might return to.

Family Programming

Most treatment programs will offer some kind of family programming which might be a day, a weekend, or other amounts of time. During family programming, families are invited to learn about addiction and alcoholism, how they work in the brain, how they affect the body, and what a loved one needs to recover. Family programming usually consists of education, group therapy for family members, private sessions with a loved one in treatment, and family group therapy consisting of other families as well.

Family Adventures

When a treatment program is focused on the outdoors, families are often invited to participate in adventure based activities which their loved one is learning to enjoy. For programs like the ones we offer here at Tree House Recovery, building a relationship with adventure and outdoor activities is a critical part of our approach to recovery. Whether on a visit to the facility, on a pass to home, or after treatment, families can bond and heal together by heading outside. Adventure pushes the family to be present, enjoy the power of the now, and embrace a bigger picture of the world.

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