Providing for Others in Treatment

Providing for Others in Treatment

Here at Tree House Recovery, our process group therapy sessions are among the most beloved of the entire treatment curriculum. Some men enter group therapy warily, not quite sure if they’re ready to open up to a room of people they barely know. Within a few weeks, however, they love it. Aside from the fact that sharing our burdens with others can be one of the most relieving and uplifting things we can do in treatment, the truth is that we feel good when we can be there for other people.

Humans are inherently social, and men seem to be even more social than our female counterparts. Many of us collaborate on everything. Fantasy football teams. Where we’re going for dinner. Where we’re going for lunch. What we’re doing this weekend, and much more.

Our innate sociability is a perfect avenue for the treatment space. We like being around others, but more than that, helping others helps us feel good about ourselves.

Providing for others in addiction treatment is a two-way street. When we can be there for our fellow man and share our knowledge, experiences, and opinions in an uplifting and enlightening way, so that we provide a valuable resource for someone who needs it. Hearing advice from other men who are currently going through the same struggles we are can be a profound experience for men in recovery.

On the other hand, being able to share our knowledge, wisdom, and experience affirms our own progress in recovery, and boosts our confidence. After all, knowing how to do something is one thing, but teaching someone how to do it requires a whole other level of expertise.

Being there for others in treatment can also make our recovery experience more rewarding. No one man is an island, and being able to support a brother that needs our help can be one of the best feelings ever. In treatment, we learn the importance of both brotherhood and unity. When we assist our brothers and always have their backs, their successes becomes ours, and we progress as a unit.

Tree House Recovery of Costa Mesa, California is a men’s addiction treatment center that champions unity and brotherhood in everything that we do. No man is an island, and sometimes all we need to break through what may be holding us back is the support of our peers in the recovery community. At Tree House Recovery, we aren’t just here for each other. We’re right here with each other, every step of the way. Call us at (855) 202-2138 today, and see how we can help you.

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