Planning Your Best (Sober) Summer Vacation

Planning Your Best (Sober) Summer Vacation

Vacations are often the highlight of the year. They offer a slice of time where we don’t have to worry about daily obligations. We get to unwind, relax, and unplug from the drudgery of everyday life and explore a new place. We all need vacations, even in recovery. However, what we don’t want to do is take a vacation from recovery. Here are a few tips for planning your best sober summer vacation ever, while still working your program and having fun.

Pick a spot where there are lots of things to do. When you’re planning for your getaway, make sure to choose a spot with lots of activities that you want to engage in. Vacation, for many people, is a time to kick back, drink, or use recreational drugs. To avoid any unnecessary triggers or temptations, try to pick a vacation spot where you can hike, see the sights, and get to know a place you’ve been curious about.

Tell trusted recovery friends about your plan. Bouncing your vacation ideas off of a trusted friend is always a good idea, especially in early recovery. This will keep you accountable and your friend can act as a sounding board for sober recreation ideas.

Relax, but avoid boredom. We want to avoid the dangers of boredom, especially in early recovery. Make space for downtime and relaxation on your vacation, while being extra-mindful of any negative thought patterns or feelings of boredom. Oftentimes, a healthy daily routine can be a huge help in our recovery journeys and when we take a trip, we stray from these routines. This just means it’s vital to be extra mindful of your thoughts, triggers, and feelings.

Get excited about the possibilities. Sober vacations are fun! You’ll be fully present for your trip and will likely engage in way more fun activities without the haze of alcohol or drugs.


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