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Is Being By The Ocean Better For Your Health?

Located in the iconic Orange County of Southern California, Tree House Recovery boasts one of the better locations California has to offer: within close proximity to the beach. There’s little secret that living by, near, or on the beach is an attractive quality for real estate- location, location, location. According to depths of research, living close to the ocean is prime real estate for your mental health as well.

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, an experienced marine biologist and author of the research-saturated bestselling book Blue Mind, spoke with Second Nexus on some of the ways being near the ocean benefits the mind and body. Some of the benefits include a positive effect on “…the circulatory system, the bones and neuropsychology through sports, movement and opportunities for social encounters with family and friends.” Along with the many studies highlighted in Nichols’ book are numerous others which prove the many different ways living near the ocean is beneficial for health. Findings have included stress reduction, reduced psychological distress, improved happiness, body image, heart health, and much more all due to visible blue space.

Blue space creates what Nichols calls the blue mind. A blue space is any visual space that includes visibility of water, preferably water that is blue. Seeing a lake, pond, river, creek, waterfall, pool, sea, or ocean, creates blue space and subsequently blue mind. Nichols suggests that spaces outside of blue space, namely the hustle and bustle of urbanized modern society full of screens and technological devices, create a ‘red mind place’. “…There’s lots of research on stress from stimulation. You turn off your screens stand up and move…You have the waterfront and walk along the beach, removing even more distractions—as opposed to the city—and remove visual and auditory stimuli replaced with water sounds and blue space.”

Anyone who has spent long amounts of time in or near the water knows the feeling. Whether it is a couple hours surfing, a few days lounging on a beach on vacation, or exploring a lake system by kayak, there is a certain feeling of deep relaxation, contentment, and peace. “What blue mind offers,” Nichols explains “are… decompressing, novelty and a mildly meditative state.”

Orange County is one of the most iconic parts of Southern California. Boasting a beautiful coastline full of endless outdoor adventures, our treatment program for men provides a full experience of recovery. Tree House Recovery helps men find freedom from addiction. For information, call: (855) 202-2138

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