Minimizing Pain and Maximizing Well-Being- Pt. I

Minimizing Pain and Maximizing Well-Being: Part 1

While it is possible to delineate modes of being that can be helpful in conceptualizing a perspective and approach to life that yields optimal results, it can also become quite confusing as many of these frameworks are extremely complicated to translate to a practical application. We are going to simplify the foundation of these conceptions to its simplest form in order to more easily illustrate how we might best orient ourselves in the world to maximize well-being while minimizing pain.

We can begin this discussion by setting up the presupposition that we constantly exist on a spectrum between the experiencing of pain and suffering on one end, and also the experiencing of well-being and contentment. When we take this binary approach keeping suffering on one end, and contentment on the other, we can learn to easily place ourselves on the spectrum in order to see if we might be able to move in a positive direction, and also to help us understand what thoughts, reactions, and behaviors will drive us towards more pain and suffering.

When we are engaged in active addiction, we are certainly in the belly of the beast, or more simply put, we are in the state of almost maximal suffering. There are a myriad of factors that exacerbate the pain in this state; most obviously, we are physically addicted and have to suffer the consequences of not having an adequate supply of drugs and alcohol. Our lives were characterized by a never-ending quest to quench the physical demands our bodies crave in regard to the substances they need for basic survival. The operative word here is “survival” and that is because we cannot afford to delude ourselves to believe that we are actually living when we are merely surviving. The physical suffering alone could be enough to propel us into a state whereby we no longer accept the voluntary pain that we allow ourselves to experience, however, as addicts we are also keenly aware of the nature of addiction and how sinister, crippling, and conniving it can be in regard to keeping us within its grip. The illusion that we are paralyzed in this experience is just that, an illusion; but to the extent that we refuse to recognize and acknowledge our problem, is the extent to which we will continue perpetuating our suffering. In part II, we will examine exactly how to escape addictions’ grip of death.


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