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A Mindful New Year: 5 Mindfulness Practices for a Sober 2018

By Dan Delabre Tree House Staff

There are no cure-all pills or “easy” fixes to treating substance abuse. It’s not something that sobriety can’t be achieved overnight, and it’s not always going to be easy or pleasant. But there are solutions to solving the puzzle of addiction. You just have to be willing to admit that you are fallible, take a look at your flaws, and make some serious changes. This can only be done by turning your attention inward. Somewhere within every human being is a spirit that is untainted by the environment, a spirit that is powerful beyond imagination and more valuable than any currency. You can tap into this priceless spirit, but it requires hard work and discipline. If you have the desire to untie the knots of the past then there are many things you can begin doing today to start the process. First and foremost,


The breath is a powerful tool. It is a direct path to controlling the autonomic nervous system, which regulates the heart rate, stress and relaxation responses, blood flow, etc. has a simple 5 minute breath practice:


Really take some time and notice all the small details that you might have looked over, and appreciate them for what they are. Allow yourself to relax, be in the moment, and concentrate on what is in front of you.


Take a couple of minutes to be still and come into your physical body. Maybe start by noticing each one of your toes and work your way up to the top of your skull. Simply notice each area of your physical being and observe whatever might be there. also offers a guided body scan meditation:


The next time you decide to have a snack or a meal, sit somewhere quiet, away from any distractions like your phone, TV, music, etc. and really pay attention to all of the different sensations that are happening as you eat. The different scents, textures, noises, and tastes. Allow yourself to eat slowly and purposely, focusing all of your attention into each bite.


Become mindful and aware of the sensations of the physical body. Notice where you might be holding tension or stress, where your body is sore or relaxed, even the areas in which there is no apparent physical sensation. This practice is especially useful during a morning stretch or physical exercise. Here are some other practices where mindful movement is a key component provided by

With a new year on the horizon comes new opportunities and challenges, and as simple as it sounds, being in the present moment is a challenging task. But sobriety is about pushing boundaries, exceeding limitations, and growing. Always striving to better ourselves. Let’s make being mindful in 2018 be an attainable goal through daily practice.

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