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Milestones in Recovery: Am I Ready to Move Out on my Own?

Sober living is a unique time in any man’s experience of treatment and recovery for drug and alcohol addiction. Living within the safety and security of treatment or sober living walls has many benefits like accountability, 24/7 support, required recovery support meetings, and much more. Sober living is not meant to be a permanent solution, but a temporary transition to returning home or living independently. There is no distinguished timeline for when men in recovery are supposed to move out of sober living and into a residence of their own. The experience of addiction or alcoholism is unique to every person who experiences it. From the drug of choice to the method of administration, from the genetic background someone has to the way they metabolize mind altering substances, to their social status, their economic status, their culture, their hobbies, and more- all the circumstances are different. Treatment facilities offer various therapies, healing modalities, and forms of treatment in order to help individuals find what works best for them in order to recover. Part of the treatment plan is carefully considering and gauging time in sober living and when to move out.

Too many men in the early stages of recovery decide on their own that they are ready to move out of sober living and into an independent living environment. Not yet prepared to handle the full brunt of responsibilities that independent living has to offer, they falter under the pressure and turn to their familiar habits of coping- drugs and alcohol.

The decision to move out on your own after being in treatment and spending some time in sober living is one that should be made with the influence of your support network. Consult with your therapist, your sponsor, your mentor, your counselors, your family members, your friends, and whoever else is in the know of your recovery. Realistically evaluate how you will support yourself and what you will be able to do to support your recovery. Consider where your inspiration to move out is coming from. If your desire to move out is coming from ego, pride, or resentment, it is not wise to move out under those circumstances because they are not noble in their intention.

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