Men's Health: Prostate Cancer

Men’s Health: Prostate Cancer

Living in recovery from drug and or alcohol addiction is about so much more than living without drugs and or alcohol. Recovery is an entire lifestyle which supports men’s ability to remain abstinent. If only the drink or drug were taken away from a man’s life and nothing else changed, he is likely to return to addictive behaviors. Addiction steals a man’s focus from everything else important in his life, like his physical health. As addiction rewires the brain to become the top ranking necessity for survival, everything else falls to the wayside. Men who are living with addiction struggle with their dental health, their intestinal health, and the health of their prostate.

Without regular check ups and good health practices, men are at risk of prostate cancer. Part of the lifestyle of recovery is living proactively: going to the doctor regularly and practicing good health. Men can’t shy away from the concerns they’re inherently given in life, because that’s another behavior of addiction. Instead, men in recovery are encouraged to face all of life’s challenges head on, including best practices for reducing their risk for prostate cancer.

The Fast Facts On Prostate Cancer
        • 164,690 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year.
        • With early intervention, prostate cancer is survivable. There is a five year survival rate of 98%.
        • Prostate cancer typically strikes men over the age of 50.
Reducing The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Reducing the risk for any kind of cancer generally includes the same guidelines. Eat a healthy, nutrition focused, well balanced diet. Focus on anti-inflammatory foods, cruciferous vegetables, and healthy fats. Though there is no need to abstain from bacon and other delicious animal fat, regularly eating large amounts of animal fat can be dangerous for your overall health, no matter how efficiently you burn it off through exercise and activity. Getting regular exercise for up to a couple hours a week is critical for maintaining overall health and protecting the body from developing cancer. As always, not smoking cigarettes is a huge contributing factor to better health.

Diet and exercise are maintenance. For prostate cancer specifically, there are two other kinds of maintenance to keep in mind: regular ejaculation and regular STD testing. Studies have found that men need to ejaculate regularly throughout the course of a month in order to reduce their risk of prostate cancer. Including masturbation and/or sex, the second kind of maintenance through regular STD testing comes in. Certain STDs have been linked to a higher prevalence of prostate cancer. Using protection during intercourse is one of the many proactive practices men need to take in their recovery live, as well as regular STD testing.

By taking action for their health, men take responsibility for their lives, as well as their recovery.

We believe in your ability to change. We know men struggling with addiction have the capacity to create transformative change in their lives, sustainably, building a sustainable sobriety and future. Call Tree House Recovery in Orange County, California today for information on our men’s addiction treatment programs: (855) 202-2138

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