Max Effort

Max Effort

Practice makes perfect.

It’s a creed most of us are familiar with– be it from playing sports, getting ready for a competition, or simply learning a new skill. Here at Tree House Recovery, we believe that when we practice giving all we have in treatment and recovery, we’re training ourselves to accept nothing less than the best. What we practice now through modalities that challenge us to bring our “A” game each and every day is so much more than just a way to beat addiction. It really is a blueprint for how we can and should lead the rest of our lives.

When we learn to give all we can in treatment, we’re defeating a common enemy that can sometimes be just as dangerous as addiction– self doubt. The way we see ourselves and our situations plays a huge role in our behaviors– so when it comes to recovery, we need to be sure that we see ourselves as capable and ready to do whatever it takes to achieve sobriety. We’re not helpless, and we’re certainly not victims. We’re strong, independent men that have what it takes to leave addiction in the past for good.

The concept of “maximum effort” is two-fold: not only does it ensure that we’re dedicating every fiber of our mind, body, and soul to recovery now, but it ingrains the idea of never giving less than all we have in any situation that may follow.

According to a study published by the National Institute of Health, there’s a direct correlation between perception and behavior– and perception, in large part, draws from the experiences we’ve had in the past.

In essence, if we think we can, and we’ve experienced that we can, then we’ll be more likely to do it in the future.

That’s why, through the plethora of modalities we offer, we help our men form positive experiences from hard work and maximum effort. Whether they’re learning the benefits of bonding with their brothers in action based induction therapy, structure in ESM therapy, or mindfulness in yoga therapy, our men learn to correlate positive results with maximum effort.

Tree House Recovery of Orange County, California is a premier, men’s only addiction treatment facility that uses eight different modalities to help our men not just beat addiction, but become the versions of themselves they’ve always dreamed of being. Call us at (855) 202-2138 to see how we can help you today.

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