Make Your September Soda Free

Make Your September Soda Free

Recovery is a holistic effort of healing the mind, the body, and the spirit. Men who enter treatment for recovery at Tree House Recovery quickly learn that addiction is more than habit and affects more than their mind. In order to fully heal and recover, men have to fully heal and fully recover their full selves, from head to toe. Men in our programs learn new exercise regiments, the importance of strength training, endurance training, and more, as well as how to properly balance their diet and nutrition. In short, men realize that their bodies are machines which can be built for performance but have to run on adequate fuel. For many men that means kicking some of their most beloved food diets to the curb, including sugary sweets and treats, as well as soda.

Soda is horrendously bad for your health. What was once thought to be strictly a sugar and calorie problem has proven to be far worst. Men’s Health points out in “Stop Drinking Soda- Here’s Why and How You Should Quit” that soda:

            • Causes the average waist circumference to increase “almost four times more in the daily diet-soda drinkers” according to one study.
            • Can contribute to aging as much as smoking cigarettes, according to another 2014 study.
            • Contributes to “an extra half pound of visceral fat” from just one day of drinking a soda, sweetened beverage, or other “soda fountain” product.
            • Doubles the risk of heart disease when consumed twice a day.
            • Increases the risk of obesity within 7 to 8 years when consumed three or more times a day.
            • Can cause infertility, liver cancer, and prostate cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more

Men who are recovering from addiction and/or alcoholism are no stranger to sugar cravings. Sodas are basically sugar and carbonated water, however, most often, they are made with artificial sweeteners which are the cause of all the health problems. Through recovery, men learn that there is no need to seek out the same chemical impulses addiction brought them. Meaning, sodas are as unnecessary to the recovery lifestyle as drugs and alcohol are. Like all of their habits associated with addiction, men develop new habits in replacement. Many men turn to teas, organic juices, or plain water, to change the habits of their hydration needs. As a reward, men lose unwanted weight, feel better, and are able to operate the machinery which is their body, better. Life is better without drugs and alcohol and, as men discover, life can be better without artificial food sources entering the body.

Transform your life, inside and out as you find freedom from addiction. At Tree House Recovery in Orange County, California, we’re helping men create the sustainable changes necessary to build a sustainable recovery. Call us today for information: (855) 202-2138

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