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Let’s Talk About Condoms

When discussing the implementation of rational, realistic, and effective patterns of behavior that will serve us, the individual, as well as society at large, we can correlate what we know about addiction recovery to the use of condoms in 2019. Statistics tell us that despite the rise in rates of STI’s (sexually transmitted infections), men are choosing less and less to use condoms when engaging in sexual intercourse. While this is an initially shocking statistic if we just apply common sense, it becomes obvious that there is an underlying cause to this reckless approach to sex. One of the primary mechanisms that can exacerbate our drug and alcohol and cause it to spiral out of control is impulsivity. Simply defined, we can say that impulsivity is characterized by decisions that are made with little foresight that yield immediate benefits and pleasure while ignoring the long-term ramifications of our impulsive action. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? The choice to forego wearing a condom is very similar to the choice we make when we engage in addictive behaviors. The implication of these decisions wreak havoc in the context of substance addiction, but also have the propensity to create equal destruction when relegated to the domain of sexual relationships.

The journey of recovery requires lots of sacrifices and one of these sacrifices is the understanding that impulsivity and pure seeking of pleasure is not an effective strategy to apply to life. Not only does it ignore the human need for meaning and purpose, but conversely, it puts us in situations that can be dangerous and even life-threatening. When entering back into the dating scene, we cannot afford to pick and choose where we allow and disallow impulsive and self-seeking behaviors. We need to apply the discipline that is required in our addictions to other facets of life, and this certainly includes sexual relationships. While we are all quite capable of coming up with excuses such as, “It doesn’t feel as good”, “I forgot to bring them”, and “Let’s just do it this one time, it won’t hurt us”, over the course of one’s life, this is a dangerous roll of the dice. Not only are we voluntarily playing with fire, but we are engaging in an old and maladaptive mindset that gives credence to the justification of unhealthy and unproductive behaviors. Recovery from addiction is a lifelong journey that requires we maintain our moral and ethical integrity in, and outside, of the addictive zone. Just as an impulsive relapse can mark the beginning of the end, it only takes one impulsive decision within sexual relations that can lead to a life of disease, sickness, and even death.


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