Learning Endurance through Difficulty

Learning Endurance Through Difficulty

Life isn’t meant to be easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to put us down. Through positive, healthy strategies we learn in treatment, we can learn to use life’s difficulties to our advantage.

When we’re addicted we can often see life as little more than a constant stream of difficulties. These difficulties can cause us to think our situation is hopeless, and make us feel isolated and depressed.

In addiction treatment, however, we learn to see difficulty for what it really is: victory in disguise. Life is often out of our control, but the challenges life presents can be conquered by using the healthy strategies we learn in treatment. By learning how to conquer difficult situations the healthy way, we aren’t just managing our addiction– we’re building our endurance and our confidence.

We build endurance a number of ways. In fitness therapy, for instance, we’re often faced with obstacles. Whether it’s completing the last set of reps or adding another ten pounds to the bar, fitness therapy puts us face to face with difficulty practically every day. By pushing ourselves to fight through and complete each day’s challenge, we get a little bolder, a little stronger, and a little more confident for the next one. There’s a reason we’ve named the fitness modality here at Tree House “exercise as a pathway to healing.” It’s by pushing through challenges that we often find inner strength that we never had.

We also learn endurance in the early stages of process group therapy. As a unit, we collaborate daily to talk about ourselves, our issues, and things we need help with. When we’re first presented with the concept of sharing our intimate struggles with a group of people we barely know, it can be a bit nerve-wracking. However, over time, we learn that the process group is a safe space that provides invaluable resources for us to not just manage our addiction more effectively, but to become better men overall. Some of the best solutions to challenges we go through are revealed in the collaborative space of process group therapy, and over time, the feelings of loneliness and isolation we may have entered treatment with are replaced by feelings of fellowship and belonging. With process group therapy, again, what seemed difficult at first becomes worthwhile in the end.

Tree House Recovery is a premier men’s addiction treatment center in Costa Mesa, California. We teach men how to turn difficulty into opportunity, and how to use the strategies they learn with us to make the most out of any situation they’re faced with in life after graduation. Everyday is a day to conquer new challenges. After graduating Tree house, our men are ready to conquer anything. Call us at (855) 202-2138 to get started today!

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