Kindness Goes A Long Way

Kindness Goes A Long Way

Being kind is not a requirement in life, but being kind can go a long way. Through recovery, men learn how to be kind to themselves. Addiction is a self-defeating, self-sabotaging, self-destructive behavior. Participating in active addiction is participating in cruelty toward one self. By transforming their lives, men learn to be more kind to themselves- first and foremost, by no longer abusing themselves with the abuse of drugs and alcohol. In turn, self-compassion turns into compassion for others.

Kindness doesn’t have to be hard

Former lawyer and kindness advocate Keith Anderson writes about “Living as a Kind Man” on The Good Men Project. After experiencing a mental breakdown Anderson made it a point of his life to be more kind. “We have such power to help or hurt people, by what we say and do, and what we don’t say or do,” he writes. Being kind and showing acts of kindness doesn’t mean having to become some kind of saintly individual. “Most times, kindness doesn’t require a great effort, perhaps no effort at all,” Anderson explains. “Smile at a person you pass on the sidewalk. Hold a door open for someone. Help someone with luggage on a flight. Slow down and enjoy the people around you, even strangers.” Anderson emphasizes that kindness need not be of the ‘perfunctory’ variety. “…Make it meaningful for both yourself and the other person,” he describes.

Kindness is attractive

Besides, according to one 2014 study from China published in Personality and Individual Differences, being kind, which is considered a positive personality trait, can make you more attractive. You might have heard people say things like “You have kind eyes.” According to the findings of this study, kindness does show, and people like what they see when they see kindness. Kindness is an attractive quality because it shows the ability to be empathetic and compassionate, both necessary traits for close human relationships.

Kindness is a choice

Men face choices every day of their recovery. What will they do? Who will they be? How will they behave? Incorporating kindness into their routine of new behaviors eventually makes kindness a part of who they are as strong men of recovery.

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