It's All An Adventure

It’s All An Adventure

Adventure is rarely used as a mild or moderate term. We might venture to the grocery store, but only when things get unusually exciting and out of the norm would we go so far as to call it an adventure. The very dictionary definition of adventure indicates that an adventure is an “exciting or very unusual experience”. We get caught up in the idea of adventure being a grand, extreme, exceptionally epic experience and everything which doesn’t fall under those categories are just run of the mill experiences. As a result, we live life in an unfair dichotomy- we’re either having an adventure or we’re not. Helen Keller begged to differ. She once said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” While she still makes a comparison, she drives a bigger point. Adventure can be everything and everything about life can be an adventure. Moreover, everything about life is an adventure, if we choose to look at it. Even the familiar and seemingly unexciting can become an adventure when we shift our perspective to realize it’s all an adventure- every single part of it.

Perhaps we follow the same routine five days a week. No one week is the same. No one day is the same. No one hour is even the same. We fall into a hegemonic ideology when we all ourselves to think its all the same all the time. Quite literally, our DNA is changing. Our skin cell production is constantly recycling. Nothing is exactly the same from one moment to the next, no matter how similar it may seem. Though that may not seem initially exciting it is, at the least, unusual. Once we start looking at just how unusual of an experience life is from one moment to the next, it becomes a bit more exciting. 

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself,” pilot Amelia Earhart pointed out. When we turn life into an adventure, we realize that all of it is worthwhile, even the seemingly mundane. Life is range of adventures in varying degrees which require varying amounts of skill, energy, strength, endurance, and willingness. Become a willing participant in all of life’s adventures, and the adventure never stops.

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