Is it a Habit or an Addiction?

Is it a Habit or an Addiction?

The words habit and addiction are often used interchangeably, but it’s not just semantics. Let’s differentiate the differences and similarities between habits and addictions. If you’re confused as to whether or not you’re dealing with a habit or an addiction, there are some key factors to figure into your thinking. Let’s delve into the details.

Does it have a negative impact on your life?

While some habits can be healthy, all addictions are destructive. Brushing your teeth, taking a shower, going to the gym a few times a week, and reading before bed are all examples of healthy habits. However, if you’re feeling like an activity that you regularly engage in is having a negative impact on your mental, emotional, and/or physical well-being, it’s time to check-in.

Do you hide your behavior?

One of the key characteristics of an addiction is the desire to hide. Take an honest inventory and ask yourself if you’re hiding your behavior. If you are, it’s time to seek help.

What do you feel?

Try getting quiet and practicing mindfulness around the issue at hand. How does this behavior make you feel? How might people you care about respond if they knew about your behavior? If you feel that your life and wellbeing are negatively impacted, you’re likely dealing with an addiction. 

One of the primary differences between an unhealthy habit and addiction is the amount of time it takes to stop the behavior. Addiction requires lifelong work and treatment. However, habits can easily turn into addictions if left unchecked. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you’re suffering from an addiction or an unhealthy habit, it’s best to reach out for help from trusted friends, family members, or an addiction specialist.


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