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Intervention: What Will An Interventionist Do?

Hiring an interventionist is a commitment an individual or a family makes to attempt to get their loved one into treatment. People choose to work with an interventionist for many reasons. How an interventionist works, their methods, their process, and even their rates of charge varies. Interventionists works with families to create a plan for confronting a loved one’s addiction, creating a plan for treatment, and starting the process of recovery.

Meets with the family

To begin, an interventionist will meet with the individual who hired them, and the family who is concerned about their loved one. Interventions do not happen quickly. An interventionist will take their time in talking with the family as a whole, then each family member individually to get a comprehensive understanding of the family dynamics. Getting to know the family intimately helps the interventionist decide who should and should not participate in an intervention, depending on the intervention style. Additionally, the interventionist can determine the best method for an intervention which should be used.

Choosing an intervention method

Interventionists may have been trained in a single style of intervention or they have had experience in many styles of intervention. Choosing the right style of intervention will help the interventionist plan and lay the groundwork for the intervention. Different intervention methods include:


  • Johnson Model: This is the most well known form of intervention where family members gather to read letters to their loved one highlighting the positive parts of who they are and the negative parts of who their addiction causes them to be
  • Systemic Model: The entire family enters a form of recovery with everyone undergoing counseling, whether or not the addicted loved one chooses to recover
  • CRAFT Model: Community Reinforcement and Family Training helps the family learn how to build a community of recovery in the home
  • ARISE Model: One of the more successful intervention models. A Relational Intervention Sequence for Engagement works with the addicted loved one directly from the beginning without surprise.


Arrange and organize treatment

In addition to planning and executing the intervention, an interventionist can arrange treatment, transportation to treatment, and even participate in case management during treatment as well as after treatment.

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