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Intervention: What To Ask An Interventionist Part 2

Choosing to work with an interventionist is choosing to invest in a personal relationship and a distinctly important professional service. Your investment should be put in a person where your money is well spent and the chances of your addicted loved one finding recovery are high. Here are three more questions to ask an interventionist while you are in the interview and research process of an intervention.

How much do you charge for an intervention?

Interventionists come with fees which can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars and beyond. Based on certification, experience, connections, and success rates, as well as demand, an interventionist’s rate can vary. You want to know upfront what kind of cost you are looking at and what kind of services are going to be provided. You’ll want to know what the base rate is and what services are provided within that base rate. If there are any other services your interventionist provides, ask what those are and their cost. Additionally, you will want to ask if there are price differences in the amount of time they spend with you for pre-intervention planning, the intervention itself, and post-intervention case management.

What is your success rate?

This is one of the more complicated questions to ask in all of addiction treatment and recovery. Currently, there are no defined standards of what success looks like in addiction treatment of any kind. Each treatment facility gauges their success, and consequently their success rates, differently. You will not only want to ask your interventionist what their rate of success is but how they define success for their interventions. They might define success as the individual having the intervention choosing to go to treatment. Or, they might define success as the individual going to treatment, staying in treatment, and graduating treatment. There might also be metric of success based on the length of sobriety after an intervention and/or treatment.

Do you have experience with (fill in the blank)?

Interventionists might happen to have more experience and better success in one kind of drug addiction type than another by way of happenstance, or personal experience. An interventionist should, ideally, be able to work with any kind of addiction. However, if there is a specific co-occurring diagnosis for another mental health disorder, your interventionist may not have that kind of experience. There may also be specific family dynamics, histories, or circumstances which might be unique for the interventionist to work with.

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