How to Stay Positive

How to Stay Positive

Attitude is one of the biggest factors of everything we do in life, and when it comes to addiction recovery, the importance of the right attitude really can’t be stressed enough.

Keeping ourselves uplifted and staying positive in recovery not only helps us get more out of the modalities of treatment, but science has also shown that positivity offers a host of additional benefits as well, like getting sick less often.

In recovery, many of the benefits of positive thinking– like an immune system boost, reduced stress, more energy, and an inclination to make more friends– can directly translate into a smoother recovery journey. More good friends means a stronger support system. More energy means more alertness and more of a drive to experience new things. A boosted immune system means less likelihood of sickness in and after treatment, and reduced stress levels practically speak for themselves.

Staying positive in recovery starts with being mindful of our own thoughts. Yoga and mindfulness therapy teach us how to become one with our thoughts in the present moment, instead of worrying about our past or being concerned with our futures and other things we can’t control. As we learn how to take stock of our own thoughts, we can begin to practice activities that will help us assess negative thoughts and strive to make them more positive.

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Another way we can keep ourselves uplifted in recovery is by leaning on our support system of brothers going through the same process we are. When we’re able to see that we aren’t alone, and learn how others are coping with similar issues, being positive doesn’t seem nearly as hard anymore. Additionally, our support system can help us put things into perspective and see what we’re struggling with in a different light.

Finally, we can stay positive in treatment by learning to focus on one day at a time. After all, recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. When we focus on the small wins we have on a daily basis, we pave the way for larger wins to follow. There’s a lot to be happy about each and every day– and before we know it, one day can turn into a lifetime.

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