Holiday Giving In Orange County, California

Holiday Giving In Orange County, California

The gift of recovery from drugs and alcohol is a gift which is given freely. Too often, men carry on in their active addiction feeling undeserving of the chance to get and live life sober. Often enough, however, men do accept the gift and realize whole-heartedly the magnitude of the gift they have been given. Growing into their recovery through treatment and living sober, men realize two things. First, they realize that there is a certain element of profundity in the fact that recovery is freely given and that there is also a gift in the decision to receive it. Second, they realize that there is an extreme matter of importance in offering the gift of recovery to other men through demonstrating sobriety, talking about sobriety, and always lending a helping hand.

One of the more beautiful parts of recovery are the themes of community and service. Having received the gift of being present in life, men are inspired to illuminate the path to change for other men. During the holiday season, men can practice giving back and serving the community in many other ways. Recovery is just one of many gifts in life and men who stay sober come to discover this truth. When we’ve been given the gift of life, we find it is our duty to give gifts of live in anyway that we can.

Orange County, California offers many opportunities for giving back to the community during the holiday season.

Men who are in recovery support groups will have opportunities to be of service to their fellowship during the holidays. Holidays can be triggering and stressful for people, which inspires recovery fellowships to create celebrations of their own. Right on the holiday day, or beforehand, many recovery support groups hold marathon meetings, parties, feasts, and service opportunities.

Right near our Tree House Recovery location in Costa Mesa, California is the Someone Cares Kitchen. Providing a daily meal to those who are less fortunate or experiencing difficulty in their financial lives, the soup kitchen is always in need of support.

Nearby on Newport Boulevard is the Newport-Mesa Family YMCA which holds a Veterans Event at The Crossing Church every Thanksgiving. Veterans are supported by the community by donations, holding a celebration, and providing necessary items.

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