Healthy Communication in Early Recovery

Healthy Communication in Early Recovery

In many ways, when we begin the recovery journey, we have to start fresh. The same goes for our communication skills. We have to relearn how to communicate with our friends, family, and perhaps most importantly, ourselves. Low-self-esteem, anger or aggression, shame, and dishonesty are all hindrances to healthy communication. Healthy communication happens when we let our guards down, embrace honesty, and listen. Gaining effective communicative skills is a process. Don’t beat yourself up if it’s difficult. The truth is, there will always be ups and downs in our communication with family, friends, and ourselves. It’s like learning a new language. We can approach it with excitement, open-mindedness, and curiosity. Here are a few things to keep in mind while cultivating healthy communication skills in early recovery.

Consider the ways you talk to yourself. Oftentimes, the ways in which we communicate with ourselves is mirrored in the way we communicate with others. If you catch yourself thinking negative things about yourself, try to pause and turn it around. Every time a negative thought about yourself arises, counter it with a positive one. Positive self-talk will build confidence and you’ll begin to develop a more empathetic relationship with yourself. This will pave the way for healthy communication with others.

Listen and learn. Healthy communication involves giving and taking. Make sure you’re listening to the other person with an open mind and heart. Make sure to acknowledge their points and if you disagree, do so with respect and kindness. 

Practice empathy. Empathy involves placing yourself in the other person’s shoes and it’s one of the foundations for successful human interaction. When we’re empathetic, we’re more likely to relate to others (and ourselves) in deep and healing ways.

Be assertive, not aggressive. Assert yourself with confidence and clarity and avoid being aggressive or overly reactive. Let others know how you feel and step into your authentic power with gentleness and grace.


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