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How To Be A Healthier Man In 2018 Part 1

Though high-functioning addiction and alcoholism can keep a man in check with his medical health, the chronic abuse of drugs and alcohol can still create damage. Most often, men who become chemically dependent on drugs and alcohol neglect their physical health medically. Addiction rewires the brain in such a way that it becomes the ultimate priority. Craving, seeking, finding, obtaining, and using drugs and/or alcohol far surpasses any routine doctor’s visits, general health and wellness, or primary forms of self-care. “Heath and wellness” stems beyond fitness, diet, and nutrition. When men enter recovery from a long term drug and alcohol addiction, they have an opportunity to get into the doctor’s office, check on their health, and start the process of total rehabilitation. As their days of recovery continue to accrue, their regular practices for good health become normalized. Men in recovery learn which doctors to see, for what, and how often. Yearly or regular visits and examinations are recommended to keep tabs on any enduring effects of addiction and prevent any more damage from being done.

Cholesterol Panels

Men’s addiction can take them to extreme sides of the spectrum when it comes to diet and exercise. As drugs and alcohol take a greater priority monetarily, food choices become less pertinent and more practical. Fast foods, microwaved foods, and other unhealthy choices become commonplace, which can hurt cholesterol levels, which in turn hurts the heart. The heart is already vulnerable to addiction- stimulants and depressants alike can cause significant damage to the heart and its functions. High cholesterol raises the risk for heart attack or stroke. A cholesterol panel will tell you how much good and bad cholesterol is in your system. Together with your doctor, you can create a plan for reducing cholesterol, if your cholesterol is high.

Blood Pressure Test

Certain drugs like synthetic stimulants, and high amounts of alcohol abuse, are known to create high blood pressure. High blood pressure weakens the arteries in the heart and creates a higher risk for blockages as well as other complications which can lead to heart attack. As with cholesterol, it is important to pay close attention to your heart health. Regular blood pressure tests are important especially in the first few years after getting clean.

General Blood Panel

Your regular check up with a primary doctor should include a general blood panel to get an understanding of how your body is doing overall. Thyroid, hormones, white blood cells, red blood cells- we learn a lot of information about our health from the state of our blood. Getting a regular blood panel helps keep you, your doctor, and your recovery support team well informed.

Health of mind, body, and spirit is required for creating a lifestyle that inspires recovery. Men who come to Tree House Recovery in Orange County find freedom from addiction through evidence based treatment and an adventure filled sobriety. For information on our partial care programs, call us today: (855) 202-2138

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