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How To Be A Healthier Man In 2018 Part 2

Taking responsibility for one’s own life in recovery means taking responsibility for one’s own health. This year, start the lifelong trend of regular doctor visits to maintain the health you’ve worked so hard for in treatment.


Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is freedom. Men often feel as though they are seeing the world in a whole new way without the damaging blinders caused by their addiction. A change in vision and perception is critical for sustained recovery from addiction. Physical seeing health, as in eye health, is as important as maintaining health for spiritual sight. Vision tests don’t need to be done more than every two years. However, if you are in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, it might be wise to get one done- particularly if it has been many years. A vision test doesn’t just test how your eyesight is doing. Visiting an optometrist means getting a screening for glaucoma. Drugs and alcohol can create many different effects on the brain and body, which could include damaged vision or eye health.

Dental Exam/Cleanings

Some drugs are notorious for doing extensive damage to dental health, like crystal meth. Excessive amounts of alcohol means high amounts of sugar, which can also lead to poor dental health. In general, dependency on drugs and alcohol might mean spending less time flossing, brushing, and swishing with mouthwash- though mouthwash is frequently abused for its alcohol content. Dental health is being researched extensively for its effect on mental health and helping the health of the rest of the body. Dental cleanings usually come with an exam and are suggested every six months. Many dentists offer in-house insurance plans and are more than willing to work with men in recovery taking care of their dental health after addiction. A bonus to maintaining your dental health- cleaner teeth means better breath. You’ll thank yourself for regular dental exams when you start to date again in recovery.

Testicular Cancer Exam

Testicular cancer can develop anywhere from your 20s to your 50s. Most likely, on your routine check-ups with a primary doctor, you will receive a brief testicular cancer screening, which is just your doctor feeling your testicles for any kind of lump, soreness, or swelling.

Prostate Exam

Prostate cancer is a very real threat to men from their 20s and older. Though the prostate exam is less than comfortable, it is necessary. You should be checked every so often on your regular visit to your doctor.

HIV/STD Panel/Hepatitis Test

Addiction can lead to poor decision making, like sharing needles, blades, drugs, and engaging in unprotected sex. HIV and STDs can be common in men who have lived with active addiction. Get a full STD panel as soon as possible in recovery so you are informed about your health, can inform future sexual partners, and so you can start any treatments necessary. Additionally, intravenous drug users are at risk for hepatitis. Receiving a hepatitis test takes just a few days and can be life saving.

Health of mind, body, and spirit is required for creating a lifestyle that inspires recovery. Men who come to Tree House Recovery in Orange County find freedom from addiction through evidence based treatment and an adventure filled sobriety. For information on our partial care programs, call us today: (855) 202-2138

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