Gratitude In Action: How Being Active Is A Living Gratitude Practice For Recovery

How Showing Gratitude Is A Practice For Recovery

To be grateful is to be “warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received”. As a man recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, you have a lot to be grateful for. You have been given a new lease on life. Your mind is clear, your body is healthy, and your spirit is rejuvenated. If you’ve gone to treatment at a program like the one we offer here at Tree House Recovery, you have worked hard on your physical fitness, health, and nutrition to train your body. Through military inspired fitness regimens, daily training, and a focus on healthy food choices, you have watched your body transform into a capable, outputting machine, which has opened you opportunities in life, love, and adventure. You have been given more than an opportunity to live sober. Your health and fitness has given you an opportunity to really live while living sober. For that, you can be immensely grateful.

Showing gratitude for your recovery can stem far beyond writing out a gratitude list. Gratitude is as much a thought process as it is an action process. You can live in gratitude as much as you can be in gratitude. Gratitude in action can be anything from expressing your gratitude more often to embodying your gratitude physically. Addiction can leave you sick, weak, and unhealthy. Through training, strengthening, endurance, and nutrition, recovery transforms you into a health, strong, powerful man. Living an active lifestyle is living an active life of gratitude in recovery. Our bodies as men are not like collector’s cars which stay polished in the garage, rarely to be put to use. Men’s bodies are meant to move, to perform, to endure, and to be utilized. Many men spend plenty of time in their addiction being inactive, unhealthy and lacking in gratitude. With renewed energy and optimism, life in recovery offers men new way of living.

Exercising every day is a form of gratitude to your body’s ability to be molded, maintained, and strengthened. Exercising is a way to train your body for even greater things to exemplify gratitude in action. Hiking, obstacle courses, endurance races, adventure activities, surfing, biking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, yoga, stretching, dancing, walking- all of these movements are gratitude in action. When you put your life into play instead of sitting on pause, you are expressing your gratitude for being alive. Recovery isn’t meant for barely living. Recovery is meant for living fully. You can start living your life differently today by reaching out and asking for help. Incredible things wait for you on the other end of your addiction. Call today.

Tree House Recovery is showing men the way to freedom from addiction. By creating sustainable changes, men create a sustainable recovery. Inspired by the outdoors, guided by clinical excellence, and fueled by a determination for growth, our program is changing lives. Call us today for information:  (855) 202-2138

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