Five Writing Exercises to Expand Your Mind

Five Writing Exercises to Expand Your Mind

At Treehouse, we focus on writing as a form of creativity and healing. Writing our thoughts and feelings down on paper is a way to release energy that was once inside of us. Seeing our innermost feelings on a piece of paper can allow us to gain some perspective, feel lighter, and gain more awareness around how we articulate ourselves. Let’s get into five simple writing exercises you can do to expand your mind.

Stream of Consciousness Writing

This is a super simple way to get into the flow state. Simply write your thoughts as they come. Don’t think about it and don’t look up from the page! Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or making sense.

Dictionary Game

Pick up a dictionary or a random book from the shelf. Flip to any page and see what word jumps out at you. Start writing about that word or any associations you have with it. If you don’t know the meaning of the word, make it up.

Memory Exercise

Start with the phrase “I remember” and just run with it. Write down any memory or memories that come to mind and don’t judge what comes up. 

Morning Pages

This is a famous writing prompt from the book The Artists’ Way. When you wake up, before you even speak to anyone, write three pages in your journal. Clear your mind and see what happens. It’s a great way to start the day off on a creative foot and get a sense of your morning vibe. Again, don’t worry about the content. Just write.

Music Vibes

Play a song. As soon as it begins, start writing. Write until the end of the song. You can write about how the music makes you feel or memories associated with the song. Let the music be your guide.


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