Fighting Back with Fitness

Fighting Back with Fitness

When we’re addicted, we tend to neglect our health and hygiene. Let’s be honest: when our brains are locked into using a substance, and it feels like our bodies can’t live without it, things like maintaining a fitness regimen, eating right, and taking care of ourselves can fall to the wayside, even if we know how important they are.

Upon deciding to get treatment, however, fitness becomes a very real part of our recovery journey.

Many of us don’t think of fitness training as much more than a way to stay in shape, but when used as a part of treatment, it actually offers a world of benefits with payoffs that are even bigger than a buff bod and clear skin.

In addiction treatment, an intense fitness regimen can help the body combat and lessen the severity of post-acute withdrawal syndrome– an issue that, if not properly taken care of, can have crippling effects on addicts first entering recovery. By training ourselves to work hard and conquer physical challenges early in recovery, we train our minds to do the same.

As we progress in the treatment cycle, more specific group fitness training can help us strengthen our prefrontal cortex, make better decisions, regulate our emotions more effectively, and learn valuable collaborative skills. At Tree House Recovery, for instance, our action based induction therapy module (ABIT) actually simulates Navy SEAL and other military exercises. On the beach three times a week, our men learn to work together to overcome challenges like kayaking against the surf and successfully rowing a boat in unison. The skills they develop through exercises like these not only allow them to excel in other treatment modalities, but help them build strong bonds with their brothers that often extend well beyond treatment.

Fitness plays an invaluable role in the treatment process and works in tandem with other modalities to help treat not just addiction, but the whole person. Fitness is more than just a way to stay healthy and toned. It’s a key component to holistic recovery.

Tree House Recovery is a premier men’s addiction treatment center in Costa Mesa, California. Through a number of unique modalities, we train men to both conquer addiction and become the best versions of themselves that they can be. Bonds formed here at Tree House aren’t easily broken, and the lessons learned here are lessons our men carry with them for the rest of their lives. Call us today at (855) 202-2138 to see how we can help you.

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