Feel Afraid? Do It Anyway 

Feel Afraid? Do It Anyway 

The adventure of life offers all of the conditions for us to have amazing experiences, and yet how often to those adventures get the best of us? You don’t get the glory without blood, sweat, and tears and all that. Fine. There are plenty of ways to do something scary, but for substance abusers, we should be mindful of how we are getting out of our comfort zone. 

Just because you have survived the major consequences of your addiction so far, that doesn’t mean a lesson isn’t waiting for you around the corner. But once you’ve gotten sober, you may feel that old pull to take risks. Why not make sure those risks serve you rather than cause you to regret it?

Let’s face it—chances are good that you are reticent to try new things because you’re afraid of failure in general. That’s natural. However, there are some risks that will require your full effort and that you may be showing the fruits of now. Remember:

  • Sobriety is the ultimate leap of faith, and for that, you should be applauded. This is the epitome of a healthy risk.
  • Overcoming ambivalence or straight-ahead disagreement with entering into a recovery facility is also overcoming fear, as you will learn the trust you need to help the staff get you well.
  • Depending on your status as either an extrovert or introvert, it takes a village to get someone sober. So get comfortable with saying your piece, because connection is critical to success—not something to be feared.
  • To see life and friendships without the lens of drugs or alcohol can feel terrifying. It takes time and careful steps back into “the world” before we realize how much joy can be brought about through being brave enough to live differently. 
  • Choosing your new home for recovery and sober sanctuary is a massive decision, but it can be made with good information and amazing people at the helm. People who make you feel as if you matter beyond anything you could ever be ashamed of is a wonderful place to start.

Most importantly, it’s key at this point to take calculated risks with your care team, which right now may only include your friends and family. So remember that each step of risk can be mediated by wise advice from professionals. Seek them out. Build your team. Face your fear and do it anyway.


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