Doing the Winter Cali Style

Doing the Winter Cali Style

Winters are a drag for many people. The shorter days and colder weather make it harder to get out in the fresh air and sunshine. People would rather hibernate than be social. However it doesn’t have to be that way. Staying active, having fun, and spending time with friends aren’t just for hot, sunny weather. These things are necessary to unwind and stay healthy. If the weather isn’t perfect, then having fun anyway can be an exercise in adapting to your conditions. Here are some ways to make your winters just as fun as your summers.

If you live somewhere cold

If you live somewhere with cold winters, having fun in the winter requires a little more effort at the outset. Most people’s natural impulse is to stay inside where it’s warm, but there’s plenty to do outside in the cold. If there’s snow, you can always go sledding, build a snowman, or have a snowball fight. All that stuff you did as a kid is still fun. If you’re looking for more grown-up activities, skiing or snowboarding are great if you live near the mountains. And hiking in the snow is probably the most peaceful activity there is. Be sure to take precautions though. Every situation can turn dangerous much more quickly in the cold.

If the weather is fairly moderate, you can have an outdoor fire pit, or even a bonfire if conditions are safe. Sitting around a fire at night is one of the first social activities our species engaged in and we still love it today. If it’s a bit too cold for that, you can always take it inside. Have a fire in the fireplace and tell stories like the Vikings.

If you live somewhere warm

If you live someplace with milder winters, you have a lot more options. In areas like the southern edge of the US and farther south, the summers can be stifling, so the winters are actually a better time for getting outside. The milder weather might be a great time for you and your friends to challenge yourselves with a long run or bike ride. Since no one wants to stand over a hot grill when it’s 100 degrees outside, the winter might provide some great opportunities for barbecues in the park or back yard.

In southern California, you can do quite a lot in the winter. You can go to the beach if you like. It’s a bit cold for swimming, but it’s a pleasant place to hang out and it’s not as crowded in the winter. Neither is Disneyland, if that’s something that interests you. You can go for a hike or go to the zoo. Winters in southern California are what people wish their summers were in most parts of the country. Aside from some occasional rain, there’s not much to keep you from having fun outdoors.

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