Does Your Personality Put You At Risk For Addiction?

Does Your Personality Put You At Risk For Addiction?

Vulnerability to drug addiction varies from person to person, but some of the common known risk factors include genetics, environment, poverty, poor social skills and more, as stated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Some mental disorders can also increase one’s chances for developing an addiction – for example, those with bipolar disorder (BPD) may experience manic episodes in which impulsivity is a major characteristic. Someone with BPD may make risky decision without much regard to consequences if they are in a manic phase. Besides the risk factors listed above, have you considered your personality and how that plays into your susceptibility for addiction?

Personality is an incredibly important piece because our thoughts, perceptions, and tendencies lead us to take actions that either help us or hinder us. Personality is often what divides those who get their energy from spending time with others and socializing from those who feel drained around others and would prefer to spend more time alone. Reader’s Digest notes 3 key personality traits to look out for:

  1. People who thrive on sensation-seeking, otherwise known as “thrill seekers – an appetite for new, varied experiences and a willingness to take risks in order to get these desires is a potential factor of influence for addiction later on.
  2. Those who are impulsive – the act of doing before thinking certainly heightens one’s chances of addiction, as a person could become quite impulsive with decisions regarding drug use.
  3. Those who are anxious – for many people who struggle with anxiety, substances can become a catalyst for stress relief – which can eventually lead a person into drug dependency.

Take a quick assessment of your personality right now. Would you describe yourself as sensation-seeking, impulsive, and/or anxious? Of course, each of these alone may not place you at risk – oftentimes, it’s a combination of genetics, personality and temperament, environment and upbringing, stress, and so much more. By knowing whether or not your personality could cling to addiction however, you have the opportunity to take precautionary measures to ensure it never gets there.

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