Dealing With Drama In Early Recovery

Dealing With Drama In Early Recovery

Women are usually casted as the dramatic ones. Plenty of reality TV shows exist centered on female drama, which can become catty, petty, vicious, vengeful, backstabbing and more. Men are not excluded from drama. Men’s drama looks different. In the early phases of recovery, men are learning how to deal with their feelings, handle their emotions, and choose their behaviors. Not all men are outright and aggressive with their expression of self. Some men are aggressive while some men are passive. Some men adhere to rule while other men adhere to the rules they make themselves. Men have a tribal sense of brotherhood, which is difficult to overcome when there are multiple alpha males and other roles in a group. When men learn to put aside their differences or need for conquest in leadership over one another, men can truly bond, come together, and forge unshakeable friendships as brothers in a shared war against addiction.

In between moments of incredible bonding and brotherhood, however, there can be moments of male-centric drama. Emotions are running high during the early phases of recovery. When girls, chores, personal offenses, and perceived offenses get in the way, men retaliate, start fights, and get involved. Thankfully, at treatment centers like Tree House Recovery in Orange County, California, men are taught vital communication skills, emotional regulation skills, and interpersonal relationship skills necessary for total transformation.

Not all men will communicate or cooperate at the same level, which can lead to conflict and drama. Conflict resolution is a major part of interpersonal relationships and for leading a successful life in career, family, and more. Here are some of our best tips for dealing with the drama in early recovery.

Transcend the noise

Take a deep breath and settle down in your skin. Remember who you are and what you are doing here, in this moment, on the journey to recovery. Every man around you, whether involved in dramatic conflict or not, is on the same journey, facing the same challenges, in different ways. Try not to take anything too personally or too seriously.

Focus on your goals

Drama is a distraction if you let it be. When you are focused on something as monumental as going to treatment and getting sober, you don’t need to care about drama going on with other guys, or get caught up in drama yourself.

Don’t be the peacekeeper

Getting involved to bring peace and clarity is a noble cause, but can cause more problems than solutions. You might feel like you want to put many of your new skills to use. Try if you must. Remember that ultimately, each man in recovery is responsible for managing himself.

Show the love

Detachment doesn’t have to mean distance emotionally. Let your peers know you love and care about their wellbeing. You can offer support without getting involved.

At Tree House Recovery, we’re building a brotherhood of strong, centered, recovering men. Find freedom from addiction today by calling for information on one of our men’s treatment programs at (855) 202-2138

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