Honesty: Why There’s No Room Left For Deception In Recovery

Coming Clean: Why You Should Tell People You’re Sober

Our previous blog examined today’s cultural climate in regards to anonymity. We live in a more open and understanding world which celebrates recovery instead of punishes addiction. Conclusively, we emphasized that opening up about your sobriety is entirely your choice. You do not have to tell people you have lived with addiction and you do not have to tell people that you are living in recovery. If you choose to, you could be doing yourself and others a great deal of service. Here’s a few reasons why.

People need to be informed about addiction and alcoholism

Though the internet is providing an ample amount of education and awareness to people about addiction and alcoholism, there is nothing more impactful than a first hand account. People mostly know what they’ve seen on TV or the movies, see on the news, or read on the internet. Looking at someone, living and breathing made of flesh in front of them, who has lived with addiction but is now living sober, can be a transformational moment. You can be the voice which answers people’s questions, rights their wrong assumptions, and informs them. Informing others about addiction and alcoholism is about more than creating awareness. Being open about your sobriety and educating others can help create more advocates and allies for people struggling as well as people recovering.

People need to be informed about how important treatment is

Going to treatment or “rehab” is perhaps more loaded with stereotype, shame, and stigma, than addiction itself. Until someone goes to treatment themselves, they can’t have a clue what it is really like. Increasingly, op-eds are being published which account in detail what having an addiction is like. Few such pieces exist in regards to the hard work, dedication, and radical transformations which take place in treatment. Plenty of people get and stay sober without treatment. Treatment also saves lives. Many people think treatment is a “luxury” where people take a “vacation” from life. The many therapies and treatment methods in a clinical program can be hard work. Learning how to change everything in your life so that it doesn’t lead you back to drugs and alcohol which can lead to death, is a big deal.

Everyone in recovery needs to be held accountable

Other people are not responsible for your sobriety. When you are having a hard time, like struggling with cravings, it is other people who can lift you up, remind you of how far you’ve come, and encourage you to keep going. You need every ounce of support you can get and people you can turn to for keeping you accountable to your sobriety. Ultimately, you stay sober for you. Knowing that there is a world of people out there who are proud of you and rooting you on makes that a little easier.

Recovery for men needs to be mind, body, and spirit. At Tree House Recovery we are building men from the ground up with sustainable changes to create a sustainable recovery. Call us today for information on our treatment programs and how we can help you find freedom from addiction:  (855) 202-2138

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