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Coachella 2019 and Festival Season in Addiction Recovery

By Michael A Tree House Staff

Just one month after Coachella 2018 kicked of this year’s music festival season, presale tickets for Coachella 2019 became available. Many people will be sitting at their computers waiting for the sale to begin so they can be prepared for the 2019 season. As this is happening, thousands of others are traveling around the world going to as many music festivals as possible.

When men enter recovery, a lot of things need to change, especially in the first year. For me, concerts, raves, and festivals were all associated with drug use. “How would I even go to a festival without drugs?” was one of the many thoughts I had in early recovery. I love music, and being around people, and was afraid that my recovery would get in the way. Would I even be able to enjoy the shows if I didn’t take drugs? To my surprise, I enjoyed them more than ever being sober.

After a lot of hard work and dedication to my sobriety, I felt solid in my recovery, and began exploring new and old passions. One of which was festival season. In my second year of sobriety, I decided to go to Coachella. I was nervous and anxious, but also confident that I would succeed. I spoke with my mentors, team mates, and even meditated on it. When I got there, it was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I was so clear, the music was so crisp, the vibrations of all the partying people gave me a natural high, and one that I didn’t regret. The temptations of using were non existent. I was in the moment, dancing to my favorite musicians. This was a monumental stepping stone in my recovery. It was pure evidence of how healthy and happy I was, and gave my recovery an even stronger foundation. Since that first festival, I’ve been attending shows regularly. Of course, as with anything, I keep balance and don’t over do it. I stay humble and not overconfident.

Festival season is not something to fear if you love music in recovery. It is something to embrace, if you feel ready. If you are planning on going to Coachella next year, or any of the other festivals, know it is possible to do it sober. Stay focused on your health and happiness. Talk to people and make plans of what ifs. Go with sober friends. Practice thought techniques that can help you out of cravings. I did all of these things, and they worked. I would also recommend not rushing back into this scene if it was a part of your life during active use. Give yourself time like I did. I waited almost two years, and it was worth it. If you have never been but have always wanted to, there is no reason to be afraid if you have a plan. Good luck to everyone trying to purchase the Coachella pre-sale tickets today, and have a great festival season.

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