Build Your Sober Support Dream Team 

Build Your Sober Support Dream Team 

Getting your wellness in order—and prioritizing it—is essential for long-term sobriety. Whether you’re coming off your first (and hopefully last) rehab stay, or if you have some sobriety under your belt and want a refresher on why it’s so important to treat addiction holistically, you can build your own “Dream Team” of sober supporters.

Remember that as you’re building this team, that it will likely change as the years go on. Mainly, that’s due to your changing lifestyle, etc. but it could also mean that you simply don’t need that support anymore. You and your practitioners can decide together if you’re ready to fly solo in your recovery. But for now, here are some key members of your own sober support dream team:

  • YOU: This whole process begins and ends with you. If you’re not bought in from the beginning, there will be little chance of success. Although you’re building this team of sober supporters, you are the anchor for everything. You need to be an active participant in your recovery to ensure its success.
  • OUTSIDE SPONSOR/SOBER ADVOCATE: Hopefully, you have been able to find the sponsor through resources at a rehabilitation facility. If not, no worries. All it takes is a bit of time in the rooms of recovery to establish a rapport with someone. Just like there are different kinds of addiction, there are different types of sponsors. Don’t rush through this process—take time to find the right match for you.
  • THERAPIST: Whether you’ve been to therapy or not before your addiction, talking emotions out with a professional is critical. Far from the leather-bound pomp and circumstance surrounding the psychiatric couch, most communities feature sliding-scale or even free mental health services depending on income. 
  • GENERAL PRACTITIONER: Chances are good that it’s been a while since you’ve had a full physical workup and healing relationship with your doctor. That needs to change, as your body will be doing everything it can to regain the stasis it once enjoyed. Get a physical from your general practitioner and tests recommended for your age and gender.
  • FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Why are they listed last? It’s not as if they’re unimportant. It’s just that they will be the first ones you think of for support, and they may not have the nuanced knowledge to help as much as they would like. However, you can bet they’ll be more than happy with you advocating for your own health.


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