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Breaking Through Stereotypes of Men in Relationships

Gender stereotypes are pervasive in our media-driven culture. Stereotypes stem from social messaging in the forms of advertising, social media, gifs, and repeated internalization of these messages. These stereotypes impact our behaviors, as we are inundated with the ways men and women behave in relationships based upon these imaginary traits. Let’s dive into some of the common stereotypes of men in relationships. Understanding the stereotypes can help us recognize them in the world and hopefully come to terms with how we might be unconsciously trying to adhere to these ideas. 

Common Male Stereotypes

Some common stereotypes surrounding men in romantic relationships include detachment, emotionally unavailable, strong and stoic, and being driven mainly by a desire for sex. We are bombarded with the “strong and silent man” in movies, TV, and advertising. We are often taught to think of men as the detached ones in relationships, never revealing their true feelings or expressing emotions. Another common male stereotype is that men are driven primarily by the need for sex and everything else is secondary. Stereotypes are repressive and hurtful to both men and women, as they aim to box people in. The reality is, humans are complicated. We are much more than a set of qualities or gendered roles.

Breaking Gender Stereotypes

Take note of any time you see one of these stereotypical portrayals of men in the media. Additionally, try to become aware of any of the ways in which you might have internalized these formulas and how they might be pigeonholing you in your own life and relationships. Emotional vulnerability is not a weakness. In fact, it’s a strength. If you find yourself reluctant to express emotions in personal relationships or attempting to play the role of the strong and silent man, ask yourself who it’s benefiting? It’s time to release these formulas and embrace individuality.


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