At Tree House Recovery in Orange County, we focus on helping men learn how to make sustainable changes in their lives which contribute to sustainable recovery.

Benefits Of Single Sex Treatment

Men share a unique bond with other men. The natural affinity for developing brotherhood and solidarity through bonding is evolutionary in males. Ancient cultures of men hunting together, working to help each other grow, competing with one another, and building community effortlessly translate into a positive recovery environment in treatment. Going to single sex or same sex treatment has tremendous benefits, the least of which include less distraction. Putting males and females together in close quarters is always a risk for questionable behaviors. With addiction, brains rewired for pleasure, impulsivity, poor decision making, and raw emotional vulnerability at play – the situation can quickly become complicated. “Rehab romances”, as they are called, might seem harmless. For individuals who are fighting addiction, however, the distraction of the opposite sex can be deadly. Sparked romances, failed relationships, powerful feelings, and confused emotions, can lead to a relapse or leaving treatment. The cost of a few month’s time without high levels of female interaction is considerably less than some of the potential consequences.

Treatment focused on men’s addiction and men’s recovery

Men and women are different biologically, psychologically, emotionally, socially, and much more. Male only treatment centers offer male-focused treatment, taking all of the male identity into consideration in order to offer customized care. Men’s diet, nutrition, fitness capabilities, clinical care, bonding, and much more is carefully examined then expertly treated.

Taking stigma and stereotype

Men face a different kind of stigma and stereotype than women do, especially when active chemical dependency  is part of their life. Bonding with other men who face the same struggles of addiction, recovery, and life as a male is critical to recovery.

Recreating the male identity

Building the identity of a man is unique. At Tree House Recovery, we’ve developed the model of the “Tree House Man” to be a well rounded, healthy, fit, capable, emotionally in touch, and community oriented individual.

Building brotherhood

Since the time of tribal living, men and women have bonded differently. Fellowship is considered to be an important part of recovery. For men, there is no greater fellowship than the bonds of brotherhood. At Tree House, we build brotherhood through teamwork, fitness, adventure, group therapy, and community living.

At Tree House Recovery, we are building a brotherhood among the men in our treatment program. Teamwork is a crucial part of our program, inspiring men to work together and find freedom from addiction as a group. Located in Orange County, California, our programs bring the best out of our men by bringing out men outdoors. Call us today for information on our partial care programs: (855) 202-2138

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