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Benefits of Gender Specific Treatment

Overcoming addiction is a tough, hard won journey. The feeling of accomplishment and confidence from getting sober is unlike anything else ever felt. That is, once the cravings and chemical imbalances level out. During the tough times, it’s easy to fall into maladaptive behaviors to cope with the bad feelings. In his post about relapse, Addiction Therapist Rob Mo writes that “Maladaptive behaviors are learned behaviors that someone can use in response to uncomfortable emotions that create a temporary and false sense of safety and security.”

One of the most commonly seen maladaptive behavior that leads to relapse is unhealthy “romantic” relationships. In a coed treatment, it can be very difficult to not be attracted to this idea. Our brain is fighting for survival, and there are opportunities presented in front of us to ease with the discomfort. It’s instinctual to react this way and takes a lot of restraint to stay focused. More focus on not acting on this is being used than necessary and ultimately distracts oneself from the task at hand: overcoming addiction.

The solution is simple.. Get rid of the distraction. An all-male treatment center brings a lot of benefits to a man’s recovery process. Men can finally let down the false bravado used to impress woman around. They can learn to be vulnerable with other men, a necessary exercise in healing the brain. They can be their true selves amongst peers. The need to fight off the distraction of women is minimized. Of course, men will pass women while going to stores, restaurants, etc.. it’s unavoidable to an extent. But not being in close quarters with women through a tough and vulnerable time is essential. There will be no opportunity to escape feelings by fraternizing with women.

Another essential ingredient to lifelong sobriety is the ability to socialize and have friendships. In a gender-specific treatment center, the social dynamics force the mind to learn how to truly connect with peers. A lot of men may enter treatment with a stigma around how to talk to other men (ie no emotions), and by teaching men how to be vulnerable and open up with other men, they are able to heal at a much faster, and more efficient rate. The friendships that get created in times like this are proven to last, well after treatment. A majority of the time we see teammates go on to live together for years after treatment.

The evidence shows that gender-specific treatments lead to higher success rates. For example, Tree House Recovery (an all-male treatment center) has over a 70% success rate, compared to the common coed treatment center success rate average of 5%. When searching for the right treatment program for either yourself, a friend, or a loved one, it is of the utmost importance to choose the right rehab that will work. That rehab should be gender specific. There are many factors that can aid in a recovery, and the more advantageous factors in one’s journey, the greater the chances are of achieving lasting sobriety.

If you haven’t already, speak with a professional from a reputable treatment center to learn more about your options for treatment. Absolutely everyone deserves respect.

We believe in your ability to change. We know men struggling with addiction have the capacity to create transformative change in their lives, sustainably, building a sustainable sobriety and future. Call Tree House Recovery in Orange County, California today for information on our men’s addiction treatment programs: (855) 202-2138

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