Being Patient with Our Own Recovery

Being Patient with Our Own Recovery

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is recovery.

Addiction treatment is a process. Here at Tree House Recovery, our men go through eight different treatment modalities, all designed to make sure that the entire process is as effective as it can be. While it is effective, more than anything, it takes a lot of time.

Think about it: addiction is by no means a simple thing to conquer. For many of us, addiction ravaged our minds, bodies, spirits, and relationships for quite some time before we were able to make the decision to get help. Treatment, as we see it, is a healing process, and it’s only through time, a deep dive into our own emotions and feelings, and changed perspectives that we truly heal.

That’s why it’s so important that we’re patient with our recovery. Treatment isn’t just about a quick fix, but about teaching us how to build sustainable, successful lifestyles. For instance, almost every aspect of what we do here at Tree House Recovery is based around building relationships and collaborating with our brothers. Our men excel in treatment because they’re able to form close bonds through shared experiences with their brothers. That kind of organic growth takes time to develop.

One of the ways we learn patience in recovery is by practicing mindfulness. Sometimes, we can be so focused on where we’d like to be or where we came from that we can forget the importance of living in the present and being in tune with our environment, feelings, and thoughts. Mindfulness forces us to focus on our now, and in doing so, not only fosters patience, but helps us relieve unnecessary stressors and worries that come with being too consumed with things that are out of our control, or that simply aren’t here yet.

Being patient with our own recovery takes practice. As men, we can sometimes become anxious if we feel like things aren’t going our way, or aren’t moving as quickly as we’d like. When this happens, it’s important to remember one thing: the recovery process is never-ending. Recovery is a jog– not a sprint.

Tree House Recovery is a men’s addiction treatment center in Costa Mesa, California with one goal: making men the very best they can be.  Through eight different modalities, we prepare men with the life skills they need to be successful, and teach them the importance of patience, teamwork, unity, and brotherhood. When they graduate from Tree House, they’re ready for anything life throws their way. Get started today by calling (855) 202-2138.

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