Becoming Aware of Our Own Strength

Becoming Aware of Our Own Strength

Us men are powerful. Throughout history, we’ve fought wars, founded countries, and killed beasts with our bare hands. We’re conquerors, warriors, and pioneers.

Sometimes, however, addiction can make us forget just how powerful we are. It can sap us of our strength and armbar us into doing whatever it takes to get our next fix, and as men, succumbing to something like that isn’t a pleasant feeling.

That’s why in treatment, we learn the practical ways to get our mental, physical and spiritual strength back. When we’re addicted, our strength doesn’t go anywhere– it’s merely overshadowed by an illness that wants us to think it’s not there. Our goal in treatment is to emerge stronger than we ever were before.

Becoming aware of our own strength is as simple as learning how to use our minds, our brothers, and our resources to conquer our problems. Through things like the recovery in action modality here at Tree House, we learn to use the strategies we practice in treatment to quite literally take action and conquer things like spartan races, rainforest hiking, and island triathlons. We become aware of our own strength each time we successfully conquer these challenges without relying on substances. After a while, the concept of not being able to do something is replaced by an eagerness to tackle the next challenge. Just like our forefathers, we learn that one of the most powerful tools we have is the strength within ourselves.

Becoming aware of our own strength can be one of the most pivotal moments in our recovery. When we began abusing drugs or alcohol, it was most likely because we believed that it would help us cope with something we were struggling with. By the time we may have realized that using was good for nothing more than a quick fix, we were hooked, and before long, we were addicted. Knowing our own strength means we’ll never have to go back to a place where we’re relying on harmful substances to help us fill a void or cope with our issues. Every single one of us is a powerful being, with the capacity to take control of our own lives and do remarkable things. Addiction treatment helps us recognize that power.

Tree House Recovery of Costa Mesa, California is a men’s-only addiction treatment center that helps clients learn to discover their own strength, and to apply that strength to challenges they may face after treatment. Through practical application in several of our treatment modalities, our men get firsthand experience putting their newfound strength to good use. Call us at (855) 202-2138 to get started today.

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