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How To Ask For Help To Go To Treatment

Asking for help to go to treatment takes two parts. First, you have to acknowledge that you need help. Second, you have to ask for it. If you know something is wrong in your relationship to chemical substances, you have to become willing to ask for and receive help. There is no time like the present.

Talk to your family

Family relationships can become strained when a man becomes dependent on drugs and alcohol. Most often, with many varieties, the relationships go two way. One, the family is aware and doing everything they can to help, or two, the family is blind to the addiction. The family may be in denial, they may be enabling, or there may be other family members actively addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. If you have a family who is capable of listening, create a time to talk to them. There is no “right way” to ask for help, but there are some “wrong ways”- like blaming your family, causing an upset, or making demands. Tell your family your addiction has stemmed beyond your control, that you need help, and you’re ready to accept it.

Talk to a trusted friend

If your family is not a trustworthy part of the picture right now, you are not alone. Sometimes it may be the case that telling a family member won’t result in them helping you, due to their own issues of shame and stigma or general lack of knowledge regarding addiction. Addiction can put a great distance between a man and his family, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. In this case, it is better to reach out to a trusted friend. If your friend can maintain your confidentiality and help you find treatment, you will owe them a debt of gratitude forever.

Talk to a counselor, therapist, or doctor

Addiction isn’t always obvious. You may be experiencing very early signs of chemical dependency, or more advanced signs but be unaware there is a problem. Unfortunately, because of the way addiction changes the brain, being aware there is a problem can be more challenging than one might think. Talking to a professional, whether medical or psychological can help you determine if you have an addiction that needs treating. Doctors and professionals know how to screen for addiction or substance abuse, can help you develop a plan for talking to your family, and help you find treatment.

The most important thing: Speak Up

Asking for help to go to treatment involves one thing above all: asking for help. Whether it is conversation, phone call, text, or email, you have to find the voice inside that helps you bring the truth out: you are struggling in a relationship with chemical substances and you need help. You can’t ask for help until you speak up and speak out- first within yourself and second to someone else.

If you are ready to make a change in your life, don’t let another second go by. Seize momentum and move it forward to a better future. Tree House Recovery is a men’s treatment program offering an evidence-based approach to helping men find freedom from addiction in Orange County, California. For information, call us today: (855) 202-2138

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