Anxiety: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Anxiety: Symptoms & Treatment

When you get that panicked feeling that pulses through your mind and body and your thoughts begin to move a million miles an hour, you know you’re in the middle of an anxiety-filled moment. Many of us have experienced anxiety at one point or another, either in relation to a future happening or any kind of uncertainty in life. Anxiety can be described as feelings of panic, uneasiness, and feeling extremely nervous. It typically results in physical symptoms, which can include sweating, heart palpitations, dry mouth, numbness, or cold hands and feet.

Signs of a More Serious Anxiety Disorder

While all of us experience symptoms of anxiety once in a while, if anxiety persists to the point where it’s interfering with your daily life, this could be a sign of a more serious anxiety disorder. If you experience any of these symptoms the majority of the time, it’s wise to seek out professional help: feelings of restlessness, agitation, excessive worry, fatigue, trouble concentrating, panic attacks, social anxiety, or irrational fears. Anxiety is treatable and often co-occurs with addiction issues.

Treatment Options

There are some simple lifestyle adjustments that we can make to decrease feelings of anxiousness. These include limiting caffeine, getting regular exercise, quitting smoking, ceasing to use drugs, and alcohol, regular meditation, and eating healthy. Self-care is invaluable. Additionally, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and empowerment talk therapy are effective forms of therapy for anxiety. 


While we can’t control our thoughts, mindfulness practices teach us how to control our reactions to our thoughts. When a panicked thought or irrational fear arises, try acknowledging it calmly and letting it pass by. Oftentimes, our fear-based reactions to our thoughts can escalate the situation. However, you choose to treat your anxiety, know that there is no shame in seeking out professional help and there is a way out of these feelings.


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