Accountability Is Important In Addiction Recovery

Accountability Is Important In Addiction Recovery

Authors J. Webb, L. Toussaint, and J. Hirsch stated in their book titled, “Handbook of the Psychology of Self-Forgiveness”, The power of self-forgiveness to facilitate recovery from addiction may stem from its role as a uniquely effective coping mechanism to address the stressful effects of self-condemnation.”

For many people, recovering from addiction means accepting the painful reality of one’s past; actions taken during an active addiction may have caused suffering for loved ones and ultimately led to the destruction of one’s personal happiness and well-being. Self-forgiveness is the first step towards recovery – once you’ve acknowledged your pain and accepted your past, you can move towards holding yourself accountable for your future. One of the most beautiful aspects of recovery is that it gives you the power – the control – to shape your life.

A 2017 article published in the journal Neuroethics describes the importance of responsibility rather than blame in addiction recovery; truth regarding choice, agency, compassion, and commitment within a reputable treatment program can certainly help individuals reach accountability in the healthiest way possible. Having an “accountability partner” in recovery can also help you ensure that you’re following the right steps and utilizing the right resources in challenging times.

Accountability may be exercised in several ways:

  • Attending support group meetings, therapy, group sessions, and more
  • Calling someone from one’s support network when triggered or going through an difficult, emotional period
  • Relying on help when in need
  • Asking for guidance when something learned in treatment isn’t sticking
  • Utilizing coping mechanism strategies learned in therapy
  • Following through with commitments made to others
  • Confirming one’s role in their addiction and the pain they’ve caused others
  • Acknowledging one’s power to change their future and influence others

There are so many ways we can hold ourselves accountable. Are there any on this list that you struggle with? How can you take more initiative in your own life? In doing this, you are opening more opportunities for you to grow and become a stronger person, making your journey to recovery even richer.

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