10 Ways To Celebrate Being A Man In Recovery

10 Ways To Celebrate Being A Man In Recovery

Celebrating Milestones in Men’s Recovery: 10 Unique Ideas

Women celebrate being women. Constantly in the mainstream or even subcultural narratives of womanhood, there is a theme of celebration. Women are celebrating their individuality, their uniqueness, their golden goddess boss queen warrior woman reigning ruler of their own universe amazingness that should be celebrated all day every single day. Increasingly, women are smashing the status quo of their gender to show up, look pretty, and remain unheard. Juxtaposing this need to be celebrated against men and all that there is to be a man creates an unfair scorecard. Men, too, are pushed into silence, especially with their emotions, their life experiences, and their feeling selves. Men may not be golden goddesses, but they are equally as fierce, golden gods, full of individuality, capability, power, strength, vulnerability, sensitivity, and all of the complex, celebrate-able components of a human being.

Too often men are pressured into finding and adopting the “kind of guy” they want to be- the kind of clothes he wears, the kinds of food he eats, the kind of “vibe” he gives off by being that “kind of guy”. While women are exclaiming “diversity and inclusion” at the top of their lungs, males remain remarkably segregated from one “kind of guy” to the next. For a man to experiment with the parts of his personality and style is to be vulnerable, try something new, and most dauntingly, risk rejection. Taking healthy chances and fearlessly stepping onto the blind steps of uncertainty in life is part of the zest of being a man in recovery. As men learn to stop risking their lives, their health, their safety, and their wellness, they can look for other ways to get a little daring, get a little bold, and get into celebrating the robust freedom of possibilities which come with being a sober male.  

It may sound laughable that something as simple as a “makeover”, trying a new haircut, growing facial hair, taking a dance class, or doing something which breaks the hegemonic ideology of being “that kind of guy” is a landmark of recovery. The truth is this: a man in recovery has little left to be afraid of. Anything is possible because a man in recovery is the kind of guy who can handle it.

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