Planning A Sober Vacation

Planning A Sober Vacation

Vacations are a time to relax, adventure, and make the most out of life, free from work, responsibilities, and stress. Planning a vacation usually includes taking every possible detail into consideration, with backup plans and backup backup plans so that there is a smooth answer for everything. You make sure you know where certain establishments are, how to get there, what activities you will do, what you will need to pack, and more.

As a man of sobriety, recovery is always one of your essential items on your vacation to do list, as well as your packing list. On the one hand, there is nothing in particular you really have to do to plan a sober vacation other than plan to stay sober on vacation. On the other hand, there are ways to take your sobriety with you and protect it as you would any other valuable you take on vacation.

Let People Know Your Plans

Through treatment and recovery you will build a community and network of like-minded, like-lifestyle people. Your support team in recovery is more than your treatment providers. At a moment of need, the many friends, colleagues, and other people who encourage your recovery are the ones you can count on for support. Vacation should go flawlessly, but as you learn in recovery, life happens on life’s terms. Let people know where you are, what you are doing, and your general plans. In case of emergency, you aren’t lost. You’re never alone.

Schedule Self-Care

You don’t have to sign up for luxury spa treatments to schedule self-care into your vacation. Self-care is the many activities and routines you have created which nurture your structure of recovery. Vacation is an easy temptation to fall off your normal routine. Make time for exercise, meditation, journaling, calling recovery peers, and the other little things which help you stay grateful for your sobriety.

Have Alternative Plans Ready

Unless everyone participating in your vacation trip is sober, its more than likely there will be drinking events taking place. Being around drinking in the first few years of recovery can be challenging. Remember that just being around drinking doesn’t make you relapse. Choosing to pick up a drink and drink it is a relapse. However, you don’t have to stay in an uncomfortable situation around intoxicated people just to prove your sobriety. If others are planning to drink and you aren’t in the mood to be around them, have alternative plans ready. Go off on your own adventure, get a workout in, call a friend, get to sleep early, or find a recovery support meeting nearby.

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