Celebrating Our Own Victories

Celebrating Our Own Victories

Everyday, we win. Whether it’s something seemingly as small as waking up early enough to grab a coffee or something as big as accomplishing a major recovery goal, learning how to celebrate these victories shows us how to love ourselves just a little bit more day by day.

One of the reasons celebrating our victories is so important to our recovery journey is because recovery is by no means an easy feat. No doubt, when we first entered treatment, we likely looked at graduates with years of sobriety under their belts and assumed we’d never get there. Recovery can seem like an impossibly high mountain to climb– so as we climb it, celebrating each step gives us something to strive toward– and shows us that it wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be.

As humans, we have a tendency to beat ourselves up when we don’t feel like we’ve reached the point we’d like to reach, but we often don’t turn around and congratulate ourselves for all of the work it took to get to that point. When we congratulate ourselves in recovery, we’re learning to be proud of ourselves, and to appreciate all of the hard work that we put into our journey every day. Celebrating a victory isn’t just about patting ourselves on the back for no reason, either. Every day that we celebrate a victory, we’re celebrating new skills that we’ve acquired, and new challenges that we’ve defeated.

We say that recovery isn’t easy, but sometimes loving ourselves seems difficult too. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Celebrating our victories teaches us to love ourselves by not dwelling on what hasn’t been done, but by taking pride in what has been. There’s no doubt that recovery can seem like a mountain, but breaking it down into its little hills, valleys, and ridges can show us that making progress every day is just as important as getting to the top.

Tree House Recovery of Orange County, California is a premier men’s addiction treatment facility that uses eight different modalities to help our men become the best versions of themselves they can be. We teach our men that every day of their journey is something to celebrate, and that recovery isn’t a sprint– it’s a marathon. By showing our men how to celebrate each day’s victories, we show them that self love isn’t about what we have or haven’t done. It’s about getting a little closer to where we want to be. To get started with Tree House Recovery, call us today at (855) 202-2138.

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