Being a Support System for Someone Else

Being a Support System for Someone Else

It isn’t always easy for men to show up for each other. Being a nurturer, support system, or caring presence is often relegated to the realm of the female. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s so important for men to be there for one another, especially during times of addiction and recovery. Here are five ways you can help another brother out who is suffering from addiction and/or mental health issues.

Reach out.

Additionally, don’t wait for him to come to you. Reach out and ask if he needs someone to talk to or bounce ideas off of. It can be hard to reach out for help. If your friend appears to be struggling, he probably is.


It sounds simple but it can be quite difficult. Men are often told to speak, while women are encouraged to listen. As such, listening can be counterintuitive for men. Try to really hear what your friend is saying and integrate it into your consciousness. Lean in and show your friend that you’re listening. Avoid trying to come up with what you’re going to say next and instead, stay in the moment and truly pay attention to your friend’s words, body language, and tone.

Drop the ego.

Don’t make it about you. This is about your friend. While it’s fine to offer advice or use your past as an example, try to keep the focus on him. Attempt to keep a neutral and open mind when your friend is telling you about his problems and practice speaking from the heart.

Be humbled.

Don’t act like you have all the answers, as this will only serve to frustrate or upset your friend who is already in crisis. Practice having a humble mind, operating from your heart center instead of your mind, and tuning into his energy. Stay curious and ask him about his experiences rather than offering lots of suggestions.

Practice compassion.

Keeping a compassionate attitude can be key to offering solid support during intense times of emotional turmoil. Your friend is probably already afraid of being judged and is likely already judging himself. Instead of offering discernment or any kind of judgment, practice coming from a place of kindness, care, and acceptance. This will help your friend to relax and accept himself and hopefully, find further help.


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